In Vivo Socialization

In Vivo Socialization

In vivo socialization is a goal-based treatment which I developed specifically to address socialization issues in a direct and personalized manner.

Sessions typically progress as follows:

(1) The initial session(s) are like any other - in the office, background info, etc. During this(/these) session(s), I flesh out the specific nature

of the problem, and get an idea of how to get a good behavioral sample. Sometimes there is enough to work with that sessions may be held

in the office, but there may be a need to move onto another location for the next session.

(2) The next session(s) may take place in the real world (with real people/events), where I take notes on what

(a) the patient wants to happen,

(b) what the subject (other person/people) perceive or may perceive,

(c) how the subject reacts,

(d) why the subject may be reacting this way (various explanations/interpretations), and

(e) what may be done next time to increase the probability of the desired behavior from the subject

(and to reduce the probability of a negative response from the subject).

There is a stress on the underlying logic and the relationship between action and reaction.

During this session, I will create a personalized tutorial from which to work.

The tutorial will take into account the individual's learning style as well as the specific nature of the difficulty.

An attempt will be made to 'speak the patient's language,' so that those who are more logic-based or more emotion-based will be able to

understand the issues at hand.

This will be followed by:

(3) a review session (or sessions), in which there is a stress on the underlying logic and the relationship between action and reaction.

This is followed by:

(4) another visit to the real world to see how it all plays out.

There will be a repeat of Steps (2), (3), and (4), or step (3) with self-report, depending on the case, until there is a satisfactory improvement.

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